New Building Project

After assessing our current facilities, guest needs and developing a long-range vision for the future, Scioto Hills believes God is directing us to construct an “adult and family friendly” conference center that will enable us to expand our ministry and more effectively meet the changing needs of the church. The conference center includes a worship center, dining hall, breakout space and hotel style lodging as well as a new camp entrance that provides direct access from State Rt. 140. While our summer camp remains a priority, we believe a conference center provides a service to churches and para-church ministries seeking a “21st Century” facility for adults and families. 

Studies indicate that church members of all ages are engaging in activities and events away from their church facility, and as a result, desire to partner with like-minded ministries that can provide “modern” facilities in a beautiful outdoor setting.  Our guest group ministry, which includes a growing number of inquires from adult groups, is the fasting growing aspect of our program.  To our knowledge, a facility of this kind does not exist within our region (4-5 hours by car). 

The project will be completed on a “cash only” basis through the gifts of friends and acquaintances.  


The project has been divided into 3 phases. 

Phase One includes the purchase of land, a new road and entrance and the construction of a 350-person worship center. (Scioto Hills has never had a building designated solely for this purpose.)

Phase two involves renovating our Recreational Facility to accommodate our year round ministry and “indoor program” opportunities. 

Phase three includes a dining hall and hotel style lodging connected to the worship center creating an ‘under one roof’ facility.”


Where are we at this time?

We have secured a construction manager who will oversight to the current phase of the project.  He comes highly qualified and is volunteering his services.  We also have a graphic designer’s rendition of the center based on our description of the facility. Until an architect is hired, the drawings will serve as a visual guide for those who are interested.  In June, we purchased property that connects to Rt. 140 (Step 1 of Phase 1).  However, we believe the purchase of the two adjacent properties provides us with the best option for developing a new road (all three pieces are necessary for the best option).  We are currently negotiating with that landowner and have a donor ready to purchase the property for us.  We have secured a few bids for developing a road that is approximately ½ mile in length.  The estimated cost is 500K but we believe with the help of camp friends and utilizing local businessmen we can complete the project for less.  We are researching a development group to help us determine whether or not we have the donor base to complete the project.